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10 Reasons Why Do Humans Have To Cook Meat But All Other Animals Can Just Eat It Raw?

10 Reasons Why Do Humans Have To Cook Meat

Humans are considered more superior to all other animals existing in the world. While that may be true, some things tend to affect man more than other living creatures.

If carnivorous were to speak, probably they would ask why humans waste time cooking meat yet it can be eaten raw.

Meat is one of the sweetest foods, and this is agreeable to all kinds of animals. The biggest differentiator is how it is consumed. As for humans, cooking is a must-do thing, and not just a light frying but thorough heating.

So, the big question remains, why do humans have to cook meat but all other animals can just eat it raw?

Humans have weaker stomach acids compared to the rest of the animals

Man can easily get affected by the food introduced in his system. No wonder they can quickly die from food poisoning.

Meat contains dangerous bacteria and pathogens; these can cause severe damage to the body if prevention measures are not put into place.

As for other animals, they have special enzymes in their system that vigorously fight the dangerous bacteria present on the surface of the meat.

For instance, vultures and scavengers safely feed on rotten and decayed flesh. Still, they survive and remain alive. Unfortunately, the human’s body will react immediately they do that.