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Are you familiar with kiwi fruit? This article teaches what happens to your body when eating 3 kiwi every day intake. Don’t be surprised that some people have never set their eyes on a kiwi fruit just apart from seeing its image. It’s a unique fruit, in terms of appearance and nutritional value.

When sliced, it displays a lovely greenish color with black seeds that are miraculous in desserts and fruit juices. Its origin is traced from china valuing it for its medicinal purposes in the ancient error. Kiwi is categorized under exotic fruits used for topping in salads, fruit bowls, and smoothies.

It also tenderizes meat and famous for curries and roasts preparations. However, you can get the most out of it when eaten raw. Keep reading.

Benefits of eating kiwi fruit every day

Promotes digestion

Kiwi fruit has fiber that’s essential for digestion. It deals with the two common digestion issues, namely: constipation and loose stools. Fiber adds bulk, leaving you full for long periods, hence no too much feeding.

It also contains an actinidin enzyme that has protein dissolving properties. That’s why it’s used as a meat tenderizer. Furthermore, it promotes protein digestion in the body, helping individuals with irritable bowel syndrome.

Improved skin health

eating kiwi every day Improved skin health

Some people’s skins react with the acidic foods consumed or is acned due to hormonal imbalance. Kiwi being naturally alkaline, is suitable for neutralizing the acidity from ingested acidic foods. Healthy bodies should have a balanced PH to keep you active, energetic, and youthful-looking skin.

The fruit also contains vitamins C and E, which are antioxidants that inhibit skin degradation. Vitamin C is also useful for collagen production, resulting in a strong connective tissue with a firm skin. Use it by applying a few slices on your skin and wait for the results.

Enhances fetus development

eating kiwi every day Enhances fetus development

Are you wondering if eating kiwi fruit every day during pregnancy is beneficial? Well, there’s a reason why the Chinese valued the fruit for medicine, as mentioned above.

Kiwi contains folate, which enhances fetus development- boosts its health. Folate is also considered essential for children’s growth and development. 

Weight loss

eating kiwi every day to Weight loss

Can you eat kiwi every day and lose weight? It would help if you understood that kiwi fruits have very few calories with almost no fat. Additionally, they’ve got a lot of fiber. Fiber is commonly known for its bulkiness, increasing satiety and reducing appetite.

Consequently, you’ll feel satisfied and may eat less food- good for losing weight. However, you should know more other factors to put in place for faster weight loss results, including consistency and how you incorporate different food types.

Reduces inflammation

Studies suggest that kiwi combats inflammation in colonic tissues. It’s made of a peptide named kissper that’s responsible for fighting inflammation.

There’s only prove for managing colon inflammation and no certainty of reducing other inflammation forms.

Promotes eyesight

eating kiwi every day Promotes eyesight

The vitamin C in kiwi is an incredible antioxidant that boosts the eyes’ cells and tissues health. The fruit further has Zeaxanthin and Lutein antioxidants promoting your eyes’ wellbeing. The two are again magical for preventing age-related muscular degeneration. The fruit is thought to have a bioavailability of 100% of such nutrients.

Induces sleep

eating kiwi every day Induces sleep

Can you imagine how much you’ll sleep when eating kiwi fruit everyday? Eat three kiwis daily and see what happens to your body. It provides improved sleep quality.

A study at Taipei medical institution indicated that kiwi has various medicinal compounds such as antioxidants and serotonin. Serotonin hormones are wonderful sleep inducers.

Are you suffering from sleep disorders?  If yes, you should habitually eat two or three kiwi fruits an hour to bed and see the difference.

May treat diabetes

eating kiwi every day May treat diabetes

If you have diabetes, you should try and include at least three kiwi fruits in your daily food intake. Research shows that doing this improves your body’s glycemic index.

It also water-filled, hence ideal for adding to a diabetic’s diet. You’ll find that 100 grams of the fruit comprise five glucose grams- minimal effect on blood sugar level.

While most other fruits contain a lot of sugar, a medium-sized fruit has only 11 grams of carbs plus high fiber, which regulates blood glucose levels.

Cancer treatment

eating kiwi every day cancer

Research data shows that the fruit’s extracts can potentially fight against oral cancer cells and reduce DNA oxidative effects.

Also, the presence of vitamin C and fiber reduces free radicals whose increase may drastically promote cancer risks; fiber mainly fights digestive system cancers.

More other compounds include indoles, isocyanate, and sulforaphane that carcinogenic actions.

Improves lung function

eating kiwi every day Improves lung function

Among the benefits of eating three kiwi fruits every day is improved lung function, more so for asthmatics. It’s because of the effects of vitamin C.

For instance, some studies showed that taking kiwi fruits daily reduced the wheezing symptoms amongst asthmatic children. Another research concluded that fruits with vitamins C and E helped enhance kids’ lung function.

Kiwi fruits are famous for reducing adverse respiratory illnesses such as asthma. To make the fruit more effective, consume it regularly- three fruits daily for three of four days weekly.

Boosts general body immunity

eating kiwi every day Boosts general body immunity

The wide range of kiwi’s vitamins and minerals plays a significant role in your body’s immunity.

They include potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins A, B6, B12, and E, which collectively play various body functions. For instance, they promote proper blood circulation, maintaining blood pressure, fight stress, and absorb iron for healthier bones and teeth, among others.

Magnesium is excellent for nerve function and potassium to maintain blood pressure.

Side effects of kiwi

Side effects of kiwi

Eating kiwi every day is very healthy, but for people with a latex allergy, you need to take precautions.

They may experience possible side effects of eating kiwi every day that may result from a cross-reaction due to the protein contents of this fruit.

The symptoms include skin rashes, fainting, dizziness, swollen lips, diarrhea, and itching.


Individuals lacking latex allergy can enjoy the benefits of eating three kiwi fruits every day. Utilize the fruit’s greatness in the supply of vitamins, minerals, and other organic compounds that make your body healthier every day.

They’re useful for improving lung function, treating cancer and diabetes, healthy teeth and bones, sleep induction, and remarkable tasks to your body. It’s recommended that you eat them raw to achieve all the nutrients it supplies, and you’ll notice a change to your body.

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