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9 Best Foods for Kidney Health, Detox, and Naturally Cleanse

1. Leafy Greens Best Detox

Foods Kidney Health, Detox, and Naturally Cleanse

Does your mom always insist on eating leafy greens every day or at least three times a week? What do you think about that? Truth is she is not insisting on eating leafy greens for no reason. She knows that they are useful in cleansing kidneys and prevent further infections.

Greens are full of Vitamin C and K, fiber, and folate. These nutrients are essential in cleansing your kidneys naturally, reduce blood pressure, balance blood sugars, and reduce tension on your kidneys. The best part with leafy greens is that there are many ways to prepare them and make them delicious in your meals.

Not forgetting they are readily available.

2. Cranberry Juice Detox

Cranberry juice is known to be beneficial in treating urinary tract infection. But did you know cranberry juice is also essential in cleansing your kidneys naturally? Calcium oxalate is the leading cause of kidney stones, and cranberry juice helps in fighting and cleansing calcium oxalate.

It is recommended to choose organic or additive-free cranberry juice because the purer the juice, the effective it is in reviving your kidneys.

Additionally, cranberry juice is the best drink for faster weight loss, and it is also delicious. Therefore, drinking cranberry juice comes with several benefits.