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8 Worst Foods To Avoid For Arthritis

8- Vegetable oils with omega-6

Vegetable oils Worst Foods To Avoid For Arthritis

Just as in red meat, some vegetable oils have omega-6 fatty acids.

They include corn, sunflower, cottonseed, and soybean oil, which produce linoleic acid that triggers inflammation.


So far, you have discovered one common factor with all the foodstuffs on our list; all of them have a component that triggers cellular-based inflammation.

Besides, arthritis might not be what it is were it not for this immune response mechanism that has the sole aim of defending your valuable body.

Also, as a result of our brief discussion, you should choose arthritis-healthy food by discriminating it from arthritis unhealthy foodstuffs.

By avoiding refined carbohydrates, high-sugar foods, omega-6 oils, and most processed and fried foods, you are sure to tackle arthritis successfully.


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