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8 Worst Foods To Avoid For Arthritis

2- Processed foods

Processed Worst Foods To Avoid For Arthritis

I am yet to come by a factory product going for food minus sugar and its counterpart- salt- as additives. Even several medicinal syrups and tablets have sugar spiked to them; will it be food that should be sweet to our taste.

Most labels on factory foods have a certain percentage of sugar in them. Those in the processing industry are fully aware of the sugar crave-market society they have and are bend a hundred and one percent to extort that appetite fully to their gain.

Processed cereals and drinks have a high sugar content detrimental to your health. Instead of lowering your blood sugar level, they elevate it tampering with your insulin’s proper functioning.

As a result, the body’s immune system recruits cells and components, e.g., cytokine proteins responsible for inflammation, releasing them to target cites in the body system. 

3- Red meat

You have probably heard of famous omega-3 and that eating certain types of fish sources the revered fatty acid. Contrasting it is the feared omega-6 fatty acid (arachidonic acid, a poly-unsaturated fat also present in nuts and vegetable oil.

This fatty acid is mostly present in red meat, especially beef; you would better not dare this meat when ailing from arthritis. Omega-6 undergoes conversion in the membrane of cells that contribute to inflammation to form pro-inflammatory elements.

These substances catalyze the process of inflammation, which leads to pain in joints and sometimes fever.