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8 Worst Foods To Avoid For Arthritis

8 Worst Foods To Avoid For Arthritis

Pain, stiffness, and characteristic swelling (inflammation) of the body joints are the novel symptoms you encounter in patients with most kinds of arthritis. It might also show other signs such as rashes, redness, fever, and in extreme cases, limit morbidity. 

Inflammation is a response-mechanism meant to benefit the body by warding off foreign agents that harm your body, but it can turn out to be the opposite. In chronic inflammation cases, fever, fatigue, knee, chest, and abdominal pain are the symptoms you will experience.

You can take several measures to contain the inflammatory response from turning severe. One of them involves the choice of food to eat.

8 Worst Types of Food to Avoid If You Have Arthritis

1- Refined carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates Worst Foods To Avoid For Arthritis

First, the term ‘refined’ attached to the substrate –carbohydrate, should not be mistaken for improved quality or a ‘best for consumption.’ On the contrary, it is far from being a quality, healthy foodstuff its definitive article claims.

Most of the quality ingredients that constitute carbohydrates in nature are either interfered with or subtracted. Most processed carbs originate with farm crops such as potatoes, white rice, wheat, etc.

Essential nutrients that are necessary for anti-inflammation are deficient in refined carbohydrates, for instance, Magnesium ions. Additionally, large intakes of refined carbs post problems to the insulin resistance ability in the body.

You would better opt for whole grain, unrefined carbohydrates for its nutritional value is fully intact instead of the factory one.