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7 Worst Foods to Limit or Avoid with Prediabetes

5. Full-Fat Dairy Products to Limit

Full-Fat Dairy to Avoid with Prediabetes

A diet with high saturated fats worsens insulin resistance, making it harder to fight prediabetes.

Since diabetes comes with higher risks of other diseases such as heart and cardiovascular issues, eating full-fat dairy products increases prediabetes chances, which results in these attached heart issues.

For instance, high cholesterol levels, as a significant factor for heart disease, directly result from damage caused by prediabetes.

Therefore, instead of eating full-fat dairy products like cream, cream cheese, butter, and yogurt, you should choose low-fat versions like avocado and coconut that provide a smooth fat without much ton of it.

6. Fried Foods to Avoid with Prediabetes

Like full-fat dairy products, fried foods come with loaded fats and calories that quickly pound your bloodstream.

Different fried foods impact your blood sugar differently. For example, French fries will raise your blood sugars more than fried chicken because potatoes contain more carbohydrates while the chicken is rich in proteins.

Therefore, the preparation of these foods is what affects your blood sugars. Avoiding fried foods is the best approach to fight prediabetes because, despite foods like chicken and potatoes being very healthy, frying them adds extra fat, which slows down the absorption of sugars and elevates prediabetes.