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7 Worst Foods to Limit or Avoid with Prediabetes

3. Honey to Limit with Prediabetes

Honey to Limit or Avoid with Prediabetes

Honey is sweet and comes with a bunch of health claims. However, honey, coconut sugar, and brown sugar all have common effects on your blood sugar, just like regular white sugar.

So, as far as eliminating honey from your list of foods could be challenging, it is worth it if diagnosed with prediabetes. Some people substitute honey with agave because they believe agave is less sweet and can be used a little less.

The truth is agave gives equal measures of sugar like honey and should be avoided altogether. Therefore, before substituting honey with anything less sweet, you should have all the food information.

4.  White Rice, Rice, And Flour

Nutritionists suggest that food that doesn’t taste sweet can be broken down into sugar in the digestive system.

This is what happens with starches like white flour, which are heavily processed, stripping away fiber, minerals, and vitamins and leave a product that is digested very quickly. These products hit your bloodstream like a ton of bricks, overwhelming the breakdown of blood sugars.

Therefore, it is recommended you avoid foods like white bread and rice. You can eat whole grains such as wild brown rice and whole-grain bread, and pasta. However, do not overdo them because it may still spike your blood sugars.