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7 Worst Foods to Limit or Avoid with Prediabetes

1. Sugary Foods to Limit with Prediabetes

Sugary Foods to Limit or Avoid with Prediabetes

Diabetes and prediabetes conditions are when your body’s insulin is overwhelmed by the bloodstream’s high sugar level and can no longer break it into energy.

It is no surprise that sugary foods are the significant causes of prediabetes conditions, and you have all reasons to avoid them. Chewing on sugary foods spikes blood glucose levels, leading to a prediabetic state.

Therefore, foods such as candy, soda, and baked desserts should be avoided because they contain many sugars but no redeeming nutritional value.

Again, our bodies need sugars for energy, and this means you should not prevent them altogether. You can enjoy sweet treats like fruits that contain enough fiber and sugar.

2. Fruit Juice to Avoid with Prediabetes

Do you enjoy drinking fruit juice? Well, fruit juice is the best option for sweetness, and everyone would enjoy drinking a glass of juice every day.

However, the truth is that fruit juice is never suitable for prediabetics and diabetics. This is because fruit juice is more concentrated in sugars but not fibers.

Therefore, drinking fruit juice skyrockets your blood sugars. While whole fruit is rich in fiber, which plays a vital role in satiety, fruit juice only contains tons of sugar, which will never make you full.

Therefore, to enjoy your fruit flavor without overeating sugars, you can sparkle water with a splash of juice.