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7 Dangerous Food Combinations To Avoid For Your Health

Beer And Nuts. It’s dangerous?

Beer And Nuts Dangerous Food Combinations To Avoid For Your Health

The tale: salty foods as nuts and beer can lead to dehydration, so combining them together will increase the fluid loss, and you get thirsty that you end up drinking way too much for getting hydrated.

The reality: there is completely a grain of truth to this. Bars leaders regularly serve salty food with beer because they know it will make you boozer.salt also turns to weaken the bitterness of beer somewhat, making it simple to contrary improves our experience of salty foods, that explains why we are hunger for salty matter when we, re drinking it.

Nevertheless, beer is diuretic, which is causing your body to eject more sodium in your’s not probable that the salty snacks will provide critical dehydration. The alcohol isolated can, yet, unless you want an enormous hangover, so try to do drink at minimum as many glasses of water as you do alcohol.