Food Health

20 Unhealthiest Foods That Are Bad For Your Health

Energy drinks

Most drinks in this category comprise glucose, caffeine, and sucrose ingredients.

Concerns arise in cases where habitual use of energy drinks has led to corrosion of teeth, and studies indicate that they are risk factors for acute hepatitis.

Sodas drinks

These fizzy drinks can be addictive despite containing substances of cautionary interest. The presence of caramel coloring, bisphenol A and aspartame- responsible for weight gain, are enough reasons to shun the drinks.


It is advisable to carefully discriminate between unhealthy and healthy food products to ensure your well-being and the people around you. With the advancement of technology has come the food processing industries.

These facilities manipulate fresh and healthy foods that you would usually pick, wash, peel, and eat at no cost, and load additives plus preservatives on them and hand them to you at a price.