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20 Unhealthiest Foods That Are Bad For Your Health

Foods That Are Bad For Your Health

It’s easy to get confused about which foods are Unhealthiest and which aren’t.
‘We live to eat,’ and ‘we eat to live’ are common phrases that are interchangeably used in arguing out one’s reason for preferring a particular food or lifestyle as opposed to the other.

Both of them have one thing in common: the feature concerning food and the innate need to feed as long as we live.

This daily craving for food has put humanity on the verge of destroying itself with substances substituting for food.

Unhealthy foodstuffs that storm the market mostly originate from processing factories that advertise their products, claiming that they are authentic.

What makes these foodstuffs unhealthy for you?

Addition of additives and preservatives

Food additives are used for several reasons and come in different packages, serving roles such as color agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers, pH control, flavoring, fat replacers, humectants, et cetera. 

Preservatives are chemical constituents that are added to the food in factories to protect it from spoilage microorganisms. Such include benzoic acid, nitrites, sulfites, etc.