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20 Unhealthiest Foods That Are Bad For Your Health

Foods That Are Bad For Your Health

It’s easy to get confused about which foods are Unhealthiest and which aren’t.
‘We live to eat,’ and ‘we eat to live’ are common phrases that are interchangeably used in arguing out one’s reason for preferring a particular food or lifestyle as opposed to the other.

Both of them have one thing in common: the feature concerning food and the innate need to feed as long as we live.

This daily craving for food has put humanity on the verge of destroying itself with substances substituting for food.

Unhealthy foodstuffs that storm the market mostly originate from processing factories that advertise their products, claiming that they are authentic.

What makes these foodstuffs unhealthy for you?

Addition of additives and preservatives

Food additives are used for several reasons and come in different packages, serving roles such as color agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers, pH control, flavoring, fat replacers, humectants, et cetera. 

Preservatives are chemical constituents that are added to the food in factories to protect it from spoilage microorganisms. Such include benzoic acid, nitrites, sulfites, etc.

Unhealthiest foods to avoid

Hot dogs

Hot dogs contain sodium phosphate responsible for rapid increases in weak bones, heart diseases, and an increased aging rate. 

Additionally, carcinogenic sodium nitrite is used as a preservative in processed food. You would better choose an uncured organic beef hot dog in place of the factory one.

Sausages and bacon

Sausages Unhealthiest Foods

Red meat is the source from which the two are made. Processing yields the two foodstuffs that are commonly consumed.

At extreme temperatures of the grill, reactions within the meat produce inflammatory compounds that cause cancer.

Deep-fried foods

Apart from high-calorie content, deep-fried meats are another source of introducing increased inflammatory agents into your body. These agents slowly degrade your immune system defense force.

Bouillon cubes

Its golden brown color can be delectable and even tempting you to grab one from the food store shelf. But consider its ingredients before buying one, for instance, the presence of palm oil, a culprit that sources the low-density lipoprotein that is undesirable to your heart’s proper functioning.


Foods That Are Bad For Your Health

Most shops sell muffins spiced with soybean oil, responsible for widening your waist if you often eat these processed foods. Besides, monoglyceride and diglyceride additives colonize the whole package.

French toast

Eating the toast plainly as a complete energy source might not be that that bad, but serving a full package alters the nutrient amount required.

Eating it at a restaurant, for instance, serves you more sugars, fat, and sodium, which are often provided by other foods served together with it.


Factory types have a longer shelf life, thanks to several preservatives and sugar they contain. Its primary ingredient is eggs and the fact that it lasts months without separating raises concerns regarding the amount and type of chemical additives used. What could such chemicals do to your body? It might leave you wondering.

Frozen Pizza

Foods That Are Bad For Your Health

The scary portions in this substrate are the food additives used. One type has L-Cysteine hydrochloride salt, used in treating overdose usage in patients, and ammonium sulfate commonly included in fertilizer. What role will it play once you consume it? Scary.


These loaves of meat chunks were a standard for everyday lunch and dinner menu in the ’60s. Factory processed ones contain many sodium and proteins, way beyond what you will need in a single day.


An average cheesecake contains around 55 to 60 grams of fat and about 800 calories in a single package, with most ranging over 1000 calorie-mark. The calorie is more than you would need for anything that is not a complete meal in itself.


why humans waste time cooking meat yet it can be eaten raw (2)

The sauce has a lot of sugar; by measure, two tablespoons contain a whopping 15grams of sugar in that small amount, which is worrying, especially if you are struggling to manage your body weight.

Plus, its high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) incriminated in heart disease, barbecue sauce is a no-touch substratum you want to avoid.

Brown rice

Our discussion list has the select type of rice that would be a first type prescription if you are suffering from several ailments. It is known for its low sugar levels, fiber, and selenium.

However, the presence of arsenic levels in it puts it on our unhealthy-food list. Prolonging arsenic exposure leads to skin, lung, and bladder cancers.

Fast foods

Not primarily an object of concern to us here, but the type of packaging used on these foods should raise your eyebrows. Most of the wrappers that food processors use contain phthalates, a toxin that disrupts your endocrine system.

Charred meat

Under high temperatures of the roasting grill, amino acids in meat, creatine, and sugars react to form heterocyclic amines (HCAs), linked with prostate, pancreatic, and breast cancer.

White sugar

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Research shows the detrimental effects of white sugar usage on your body; it is responsible for type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart failure.

Pancake syrup

It is composed of dangerous high-fructose corn syrup, just like in barbecue, and caramel, a carcinogenic coloring.

Cereals spiced sugar

With ingredients such as butylated hydroxytoluene and butylated hydroxyanisole banned in most countries, e.g., UK, sugary cereals are worth avoiding at all costs for their carcinogenic effects.

Fruit juice

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Once processed, the fruit juices packaged for you lack the natural fiber plus any other original components well blended in nature for your good health.

Additionally, most have fructose sugar additive that contributes to visceral adipose tissue growth- belly fat.

Energy drinks

Most drinks in this category comprise glucose, caffeine, and sucrose ingredients.

Concerns arise in cases where habitual use of energy drinks has led to corrosion of teeth, and studies indicate that they are risk factors for acute hepatitis.

Sodas drinks

These fizzy drinks can be addictive despite containing substances of cautionary interest. The presence of caramel coloring, bisphenol A and aspartame- responsible for weight gain, are enough reasons to shun the drinks.


It is advisable to carefully discriminate between unhealthy and healthy food products to ensure your well-being and the people around you. With the advancement of technology has come the food processing industries.

These facilities manipulate fresh and healthy foods that you would usually pick, wash, peel, and eat at no cost, and load additives plus preservatives on them and hand them to you at a price.