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things you should do every day DRINK LOTS OF WATER

Why Drink More Water? How often do you drink water? Do you know the health benefits of drinking water frequently? They say water is life. Have you tried to prove this? Well, you should think of water as an essential body nutrient you require. It makes up to 75% of the adults’ bodies. Almost every system comprises water, including lungs 85%, brain 80%, and blood 83%, and skin 64%, among others.

Therefore, it’s essential to fill your cells with water throughout for normal body functioning. Unfortunately, most individuals don’t understand the need for dehydration in the body.

This article contains 20 reasons why you should drink water. Let’s read more.

Benefits Of Drinking Water

Enhances wastes excretion

The body needs water for defecation, urination, and sweating. The three processes are useful for removing toxic wastes. For instance, water prevents constipation hence smooth bowel movements with a healthier stool. On the other hand, your kidneys need water for proper filtration process before urinating.

It promotes efficiency in the working of the organ, consequently preventing kidney stones. Sweating regulates the body temperature by removing excess heat, salts, and acids from the body.

Thus, drinking a lot of water benefits the running of these processes.