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things you should do every day DRINK LOTS OF WATER

Why Drink More Water? How often do you drink water? Do you know the health benefits of drinking water frequently? They say water is life. Have you tried to prove this? Well, you should think of water as an essential body nutrient you require. It makes up to 75% of the adults’ bodies. Almost every system comprises water, including lungs 85%, brain 80%, and blood 83%, and skin 64%, among others.

Therefore, it’s essential to fill your cells with water throughout for normal body functioning. Unfortunately, most individuals don’t understand the need for dehydration in the body.

This article contains 20 reasons why you should drink water. Let’s read more.

Benefits Of Drinking Water

Enhances wastes excretion

The body needs water for defecation, urination, and sweating. The three processes are useful for removing toxic wastes. For instance, water prevents constipation hence smooth bowel movements with a healthier stool. On the other hand, your kidneys need water for proper filtration process before urinating.

It promotes efficiency in the working of the organ, consequently preventing kidney stones. Sweating regulates the body temperature by removing excess heat, salts, and acids from the body.

Thus, drinking a lot of water benefits the running of these processes.

Regulates body temperature

Regulates body temperature HEALTH BENEFITS OF DRINKING WATER

Your body may lose water during hot weather or exercise. Sweating keeps the body cool. However, the lack of drinking water to replenish the loss may raise the temperature again. It’s because a dehydrated body contains a lot of electrolytes and plasma.

It’s good advice to drink a lot of water to prevent bad dehydration effects.

Saliva formation

Apart from keeping your mouth dry, do you know why else you need saliva? Saliva is mainly water. It composes of mucus for food lubrication and enzymes for breaking down some foods during digestion.

The body produces adequate saliva when you regularly intake fluid- mainly water, for smooth running of salivary functions. You may, however, experience saliva decrease due to the intake of some medicines and age.

Otherwise, keep your mouth wet by drinking a lot of water. See the doctor in case your mouth keeps drying the evening with drinking enough water.

Offers joint and tissue protection

Water has a significant role in lubricating and cushioning your joints, tissues, and the spinal cord.

As a result, you’ll comfortably enjoy exercising and other activities. It again lessens joint discomforts resulting from conditions such as arthritis.

Maximizes physical performance

Maximizes physical performance HEALTH BENEFITS OF DRINKING WATER

Exercisers need plenty of water for power, strength, and endurance. Lacking water may lead to adverse health effects, including decreased blood pressure, severe medical conditions, hyperthermia, with extreme cases causing seizures and death.

It’s even worse, especially if you are engaging in endurance activities or high-intensity training.

Proper digestion

Scientists advise that you need water during, before, and after meals for a more comfortable break down of food.

Besides, studies suggest that your body adapts to the regularity of the stomach contents, whether it is more liquid or solid.

Prevents constipation

Apart from fiber, dehydration is a significant concern of constipation. For an excellent flow of your digestive system, enough water is imperative, failure to which constipation sets in.

In instances where you’re already constipated, drinking carbonated water may help ease your stool.

Weight loss


Research shows there’s a relationship between water drinking and weight loss amongst overweight women and girls.

You may lose extra pounds by consistently drinking water in plenty and dieting.

Efficient nutrient absorption

Despite smoothening water food for easier digestion, it dissolves vitamins, minerals, among other food nutrients.

By doing this, food can swiftly move to the rest of the body parts for absorption.

Improves blood circulation

Over 70% of blood is water. It’s responsible for transporting nutrients and oxygen throughout the entire body.

Therefore, drinking a lot of water benefits your body by improving oxygen circulation.

Protection against illnesses

Protection against illnesses HEALTH BENEFITS OF DRINKING WATER

Some of the drinking warm water health benefits are the prevention of certain medical conditions, including constipation, exercise-induced asthma, urinary tract infection, kidney stones, and hypertension. Furthermore, it enhances proper vitamins and mineral absorption, which is a plus to staying healthier.

Boosts energy

You may probably be wondering how this happens. Yes, a highly hydrated body has a boosted metabolism, which is associated with a positive energy level effect by studies. One study demonstrated that drinking half-liter water raised body metabolism by 30%- in men and women, with the effect lasting for over one hour.

Improved mood

Do you ever realize a feeling of fatigue when you’ve taken longer without water? Lack of enough water drinking can cause fatigue, confusion, and anxiety- leading to a shift in mood.

Brightens the skin


Drinking water helps in skin beauty. It promotes collagen formation and keeping the skin moist and hydrated.

Nevertheless, some factors could affect water’s effects on your skin, such as age, genes, and the sun.

Boosts muscles recovery

Drinking water benefits bodybuilding individuals after exercising. It prevents muscle cramps and lubricates joints.

Besides, it strengthens your muscles. We also mentioned oxygen transportation, whereby enough water promotes blood circulation.

Consequently, it ensures enough oxygen supply to the working muscles, thus longer workouts without feeling fatigued.

Better cognitive function

From research, dehydration negatively affects your alertness, focus, concentration, and short term memory. Drink water more often to avoid such effects.

Prevents dehydration

Lack of sufficient body water results in dehydration. Dehydration is a dangerous condition that affects most bodily functions.

Severe situations may cause brain swelling, kidney failure, and seizures. Why wait for such torture to your system? It’s good to drink enough water daily habitually.

Regulates blood pressure


Not drinking enough water may lead to blood thickening, hence an increased blood pressure.

Reduced hangover

Why the frequent headaches after a full night of partying and drinking? Don’t stress anymore, you simply lack hydrating your body, and that’s why to go through that hangover type.

You need to prevent alcohol overconsumption by adding unsweetened soda or ice to your drink.

Proper functioning of airways

Dehydration makes the body restrict to prevent more water loss.

As a result, asthma and allergic victims suffer more.


Water is life. The three-word statement can be proven in numerous ways, as seen in the above article. You need water for efficient digestion and boosting body metabolism. It’s also crucial for eliminating toxic substances from the body through perspiration, urination, and defecation. Additionally, water boosts energy among exercisers and promotes bodybuilders’ recovery by increasing oxygen supply to the involved muscles during workouts. There are more other drinking hot water benefits or cold. Refer to this blog post and get your water bottle near you for a better beginning.