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16 Foods You Can Eat and Not Avoid on a Ketogenic Diet


Eat 2 Eggs on a Keto Diet

of all the foodstuffs on our list, it is the cheapest and most accessible nutrient you can afford. Eggs are a healthy food component you can opt for at any time. One medium egg has 5 grams of fats, 6 grams of proteins, and less than 1 gram of carbohydrates.

Let us change the direction of our discussion to something less meaty: vegetables. They are, in fact, the most recommended diet you will get everywhere you go. Whether on whatever type of diet, vegetables know no boundaries.


it is famous for its domineering red color. It is the most common type of meat available in many regions of the globe. Cattle meat has higher amounts of iron than fish and poultry birds.

In every 100 grams of beef, there are about 11.1 grams of fats, 26.1 grams of proteins, and releases 217 calories of energy.

Chicken thigh

It falls into the category of white meat; in a portion of 100 grams of serving, there are 22 grams of fats and 12.4 grams of proteins. The overall energy yield is 280 calories.