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16 Foods You Can Eat and Not Avoid on a Ketogenic Diet


Bacon Food You Can Eat on a Ketogenic Diet

Raw bacon is salted pork. The preferred method of preserving it is by salting; this curing process elongates its shelf life.

It has 34 grams of fats and the same mass of proteins in every 100 grams of a served portion, a minimal amount of carbohydrates, about 0.6 grams, and produces 460 calories.


It is another good Ketogenic diet foodstuff to include on your menu. Its level of unsaturated fats is appealing and comes with a zero percent carbohydrate constitution.

In 100 grams of serving, there are 28 grams of fats in a cooked duck. Impressively, the same uncooked size provides you with 39 grams of fats.


The best part rich in fats is its belly; 100 grams serving contains 53 grams of fats and large protein amounting to about 9 grams.

The 585 calorie-energy yield is sufficient to sustain you on this diet.