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15 Foods You Should Never Ever Put In The Fridge

14. Sauce

You Should Never Ever Put Sauce In The Fridge

The sauce needs cooler temperature found in the fridge, but storing them in the fridge drains some of the fiery warmth of the pepper.

Additionally, there is enough vinegar in the sauce that prevents bacterial growth, and there is no reason to refrigerate it.

15. Melon

Melons taste best when put in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Refrigerating melons will corrupt the cell reinforcement content too soon than expected.

Therefore, storing them at room temperature makes these organic products more beneficial to your body.

Once cut, you can store your melons in the fridge for less than three days.


The list is certainly not comprehensive, but at least it has touched the common foods founds in most households.

From the list, it is evident that most foods need to be stored at room temperature to maintain their freshness and nutritional content.

Although refrigeration is the best way to preserve your food at home, not all ingredients need to be stored in the cooler.