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15 Foods You Should Never Ever Put In The Fridge

11. Berries

You Should Never Ever Put Berries Foods In The Fridge

Berries don’t just last long from the time you pick them, so you better eat them the moment you pick rather than storing them.

Refrigeration is the best option to prolong the shelf-life of fruits and veggies, but storing berries in the fridge is likely to shorten their time because they rot quickly when exposed to moisture.

Therefore, only put the amount you can eat with two days to avoid throwing them away.

12. Apples

You may like eating cold apples, and this means you should only throw your apples in the fridge if you know you are going to eat them within a few hours.

However, the truth is storing apples for long in the fridge separates their freshness. Apples can last on the table or counter for two or three weeks before going bad.

13. Onions

The cooler conditions in the fridge will ruin your onions sooner than you can realize it. Storing your onions on the counter at room temperature and out of direct daylight is the best idea.

However, once you have stripped and cut it, you can place it in the sealable sack and refrigerate it in the vegetable cabinet.