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15 Foods You Should Never Ever Put In The Fridge

2. Honey

Honey Foods You Should Never Ever Put In The Fridge

Storing honey in the fridge does not affect its shelf-life or taste.

However, the temperature in the fridge will crystalize your honey and make it clump. Honey should be kept in an air-tight glass jar and away from the heat and direct sunlight. Storing honey at room temperature would be best.

3. Cooking Oil

Cooking oil should stay liquid at room temperature, and refrigerating can solidify it. As you know, trying to melt cooking oil is more hassle than it is worth.

Therefore, cooking oil should be stored in an air-tight, dark glass container.

Additionally, if you keep on changing the temperature around cooking oil can make it go rancid.

4. Potatoes

Potatoes rot quickly when stored in the fridge due to humidity inside, and the starch in the potatoes is also broken down into sugar. This makes potatoes to be more sweet, grainy, and soft.

Therefore, they should be stored in a dry, dark, ventilated space, preferably a woven basket inside a cupboard.

Please do not wash them unless you are ready to cook them, because water promotes rotting.