13 Things You Should Stop Saying to Your Kids Now

Things You Should Stop Saying to Your Kids Now

13 Things You Should Stop Saying to Your Kids Now. Nowadays there is a great awareness of the importance of interpersonal communication within the family unit. it often feels many of the old barriers between parents and their offspring have been torn down, especially when compared to the previous generation. 

The tone parents use with their kids, as well as what they say requires ongoing sensitivity and awareness. Because being a parent requires responsibility even when it comes to word choice. We have to admit to ourselves that we aren’t perfect nobody is!but we can still change and become better people especially as parents to our kids.

Here are 13 common phrases and sentences that you shouldn’t saying to your kids.

Things You Should Stop Saying to Your Kids Now

1 ” Let me do it.”

Every parent wants To help their kid. so, if you tend to jump in too soon, you may-undermine your child’s independence. 

They’ll develop a habit of always looking to others for answers, and helps.

If you want your child to grow up to be self-sufficient don’t be so hands-on. 

You can, however, guide them through a problem and help them to find solutions themselves. this way your child will grow up knowing that everything is in their own hands.

2 “Don’t cry.”

If your children are sad or crying, sit them down and try to help them work through their feeling, because it is completely normal when your child shed a tear it is his right.

3 “Why can’t you be more like _?”

Nothing makes a child feel worse than comparing him with others negatively affects the child’s self-esteem, making them think they will never achieve anything. The correct phrase is”I love you. You can do this, too.” point out your child’s abilities, and show that you believe in him.

Remember that every child is unique and has their own talents.

Things You Should Stop Saying to Your Kids Now

4 “You sure you want to eat that?”

There are different ways to speak to your kids about eating and getting the habit of choosing the right words that giving them a judgemental comment. 

Your word choice could be the difference between body confidence and body image. 

5 “Wait until your __ gets home.”

There are things not good with this phrase. 

First, it implies that you have no control over the situation. 

Second, it seems like they won’t be punished till later and this could cause to the kids to act out more.

6 “You’re fine.”

What may look like a small thing to you a scrape, broken crayon, a lost toy.really is a big thing to your child. It’s easy to get annoyed and brush it off, but you should take it seriously. 

Things You Should Stop Saying to Your Kids Now :

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Things You Should Stop Saying to Your Kids Now

7 “I promise.”

Empty promises: If you do this I will buy you that or I’ll take you there next time but they don’t do it. when parents make promises but they don’t keep it breaks the child feels betrayed. 

Making a fake promise is an excellent way to teach a child, not to unjust others in life. 

8 “Your _ is an idiot.”

When a parent calls their kid a derogatory name, it often occurs in a moment of frustration. But once the name is out there, the kid tends to block out everything else that was said and will only remember the name he was called.

This can not only negatively impact a kid’s mood, self-esteem, and self-confidence, but it can also undermine your relationship and make the child less likely to do what you want in the first place.

9 “There’s no reason to be scared.”

This is just not true and you know it. if you say this, your children will only become afraid to show their have to support your children and explain to them that there is nothing they need to be afraid of, given that they are safe and secure.

Things You Should Stop Saying to Your Kids Now :

Things You Should Stop Saying to Your Kids Now

10 “I hate you too.”

When your child says to you that he hates you, try to take it simple this situation and say to him but me I love you so much.

11 “Because I said so.”

Bragging about what we know is never helpful to children. They get to learn from their own mistakes just like we did.

12 “I hope you have kids just like you.”

To believe that your kid is better than the rest of the rugrats they interact with, it not okay for you to encourage them to think that highly of themselves, as well this sentence gives your children interpret as you saying that you hate raising them.

13 “Shut up.”

To be honest, it’s just rude.


How we speak to our children influences the way they view the world and themselves.

So it makes sense that we should speak to them in a healthy manner to help them grow-up, and make them feel supported and loved.

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