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As per recent research, more people are becoming conscious of what enters their mouth and what doesn’t unlike the earlier days. This article tells about the harmful foods that can harm you when eaten at the wrong time. Let’s see.

While people try sticking to specific diets, the study further states that they consume averagely 20 percent more calories than those in the ancient days.

Additionally, following a diet doesn’t imply it’s healthy as some rules can be critical to some people. For instance, considering specific times to be important for particular foods, may be critical for some.

Eating some foods with wrong timing can lead to bowel issues instead of the intended digestion improvement.

Harmful foods for your body at the wrong time


harmful foods Banana Can Harm You If You Eat Them at the Wrong Time

Bananas are among the most harmful foods for the body when eaten at the wrong time. You may think they’re good for kicking off your day, but no. It’s worse when eaten on an empty stomach. Because they leave you feeling tired the rest of the time, the high sugar content boosts your energy in the first few hours, but later you’ll feel hungrier and very fatigued.

They’re also risky for people with diarrhea and bowel issues—good advice for eating them in the morning is by combining healthier fats such as peanuts.


Rice Can Harm You If You Eat Them at the Wrong Time

Rice is not the best option for dinner, especially before bed. The reason is, they’ve got complex carbs taking years to digest- necessary for energizing us for longer, that’s why you should have it for the day’s activities and not sleep.

Furthermore, it has high calories that might increase your weight if not removed from your body after digestion. Please be advised to eat rice at lunch hours when your metabolism is likely at its best. Besides, it would help if you had that energy for working efficiency during the daytime.


You should stop thinking of processed sugar once you’re on a fitness diet. The temptation is real, but you know its relevance. How do people even snack with sweats? Do you understand the harm it brings? Well, it spikes up your sugar levels, leaving you nervous and exhausted.

You can kill the temptation by having a dessert after meals to avoid the dramatic sugar levels rise.


Cheese Can Harm You If You Eat Them at the Wrong Time

Another of the harmful foods that damage your body is high-fat cheese—having it before sleep can be disastrous to your sleep. It’s difficult to digest, meaning it can make you uncomfortable in bed.

Conversely, beating a serving of it in the morning offers your body with calcium for healthier bones and teeth.

Roasted meat

Lean meat consumption three to four hours before bed is an incredible thing because of lesser calories and high satiety. It’s also suitable for providing vitamin B and proteins. On the other hand, it can be hazardous having it at night because it loads the digestive system.

You can have it during the day but be warned against eating it in the morning due to digestion reasons.


Nuts it's harmful foods If You Eat Them at the Wrong Time

Nuts it’s also harmful foods act almost the same as cheese- longer digestion time. Therefore, avoid them at night or have just a little for the sake of your sleep.

Use them between meals or at breakfast to achieve its benefits.


Taking milk anytime is excellent to infants for well-known reasons. However, the same doesn’t seem to work among grown-ups.

It would help if you understood that milk doesn’t digest easily, therefore, having it for early breakfast plus other foods, can cause stomach upsets and heartburn. It’s best drank warm and in the evening to calm the body and promote a peaceful night’s sleep.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits Can Harm You If You Eat Them at the Wrong Time

Did you know that starting your morning with a cup of citrus isn’t healthy as people think?  The fruit contains acids that promote acid formation after meals causing heartburn and bulking the stomach.

It also causes slower nutrient absorption. Stay for some time after meals before having it.


For most individuals, coffee a morning song before anything else. During the winter, it’s almost an anytime food. But, how good or bad is that? Having coffee before meals can lead to high caffeine tolerance.

Waking up to coffee in the morning is not a good idea because of cortisol production that hinders the caffeine tolerance process. It would be best if you were patient for a while after getting up, before heading o the kitchen for coffee. Remember, don’t drink it towards the evening as it causes insomnia. 


Yogurt Can Harm You If You Eat Them at the Wrong Time

Yogurt is packed with lactic acid that messes up your digestion immediately after the main meal or on an empty stomach. The acid leads to a reduction in your stomach acidity and slows down digestion when you eat major meals.

Get the most out of the lactic acid by having yogurt one to two hours after a meal. It’s also beneficial to drink a small amount before sleep time to supply protein for muscle development.


Apples have natural acids and fiber, which trouble your system when in taken at night. The gas might increase in the stomach leading to uneasiness.

Additionally, it can result in the gas buildup and limiting bowel movements and slowed digestion. When eaten in the morning, they’re significant when they open up the gastrointestinal tract for a better flow of food.


Beans Can Harm You If You Eat Them at the Wrong Time

The high fiber in beans causes stomach bloating, limiting your sleep. They’re perfect when served for early dinner or lunch to allow for proper digestion and prevent bloating.


Essential nutrients from various foods are beneficial to our health. Nevertheless, you could be feeling your plate with the right amount of calories and nutrients but with wrong timing. Lousy timing may possibly compromise the efforts to put in selecting the vital nutrients.

You may end up wasting the food and damaging your body as seen earlier, having some meals at night results in discomfort and sleep irritation due to high fiber content that digests slowly.

Other meals are acidic, so should be avoided after major meals- to prevent the gas formation and heartburn. Be sure to choose food with the right timing to prevent such health-related problems even as you struggle to maintain your diet plan. Use the knowledge above for proper food selection and safety.