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10 Food Should You Avoid If You Have High Cholesterol

Increase the intake of omega 3

omega 3 Food If You Have High Cholesterol

Omega 3 foods and supplements like salmon and fish oil pills raise the concentration of good cholesterol.

In return, you’ll have a safe level of cholesterol in your system.

Get rid of unhealthy habits

Old habits die hard, but you’ll have to quit bad habits like smoking if you want the right amount of cholesterol.

Smoking and excessive drinking dramatically increases your bad cholesterol content and eventually lead to life-threatening diseases like cancer.


Cholesterol isn’t so bad. In fact, your body needs it to form hormones, strengthen the cell membrane, and perform many other activities in your system.

It only becomes dangerous when you have a high content of it. It’s possible to manage your cholesterol levels if you have a healthy lifestyle like eating foods rich in fiber, exercising, and ditching unhealthy foods.

Cholesterol can make you overweight and put you at risk of having heart diseases, cancer, and other health issues that can lead to death. Always remember that if you have high cholesterol, the most effective solution is avoiding the wrong food!


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