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10 Amazing vegetables for hair growth

10 Amazing vegetables for hair growth Spinach Carrots Onions Sweet Potatoes Tomatoes Garlic Beetroots Curry Leaves French Beans Cucumber

10 Amazing vegetables for hair growth:
All of us dream to have healthy, thick, strong, and shiny hair for both sexes men and women. To make your dream reality it’s up to you. Here are some vegetables that you must be added to your daily diet. These vegetables contain vitamins, fibers, and minerals that support hair growth by supplying the body with nutrients. The body needs nutrients to use as its raw material for building hair follicles.

First, be sure to cut out junk foods from your diet and replace them with these vegetables I’ll list you down. These vegetables are sure to make your hair grow quickly with shine, vigor, and longevity.

Second, here are some useful tips for your hair growth quickly.                      

1.give your a hair wash before using these vegetable masks because clean hair absorbs nutrients better than dry, dirty hair. opens your hair scalp and pores use warm water.
3.using cold water after the mask to close the pores.
4. Hot water must be avoided because it drains the hair of its natural oils and lessens the elasticity.
5.Using your favorite conditioner to avoid the weird smell of some vegetables.
6. Leave the mask at least 30 minutes to see effects not more, because this will damage your hair (because when the mask starts drying, it might draw water from your hair.

Vegetables For Hair Growth:

Here are the most beneficial vegetables that you should add to your list for best hair growth.

Spinach for Hair Growth :

10 Amazing vegetables for hair growth Spinach

Spinach is on the top of this list because it is rich in iron which helps red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body to fuel your metabolism to aid in the growth and repair of hair, also it is full of edible fiber, zinc, and other essential vitamins and minerals which are important for the hair growth, and the absence of zinc and iron leads to hair loss for the most people.